From clean vodka comes clean cocktails

We like to enjoy our Broken Shed cocktail with just the essence of all natural ingredients.

There is no need to hide in sugary mixes when you start with a clean vodka. Ditch the highly caloric juices and mixers used to mask impurities in other vodkas. Since our water is rated as some of the best on earth and our vodka is free of additives, Broken Shed is clean, confident, and smooth to the mouth with a well-balanced finish.

The Unspoken Rules of Clean Drinking

A cocktail free of impurities is the only way you can truly enjoy a drink. Crafting a clean cocktail with Broken Shed Vodka is simple — pick a natural ingredient and mix to your taste.

It's About What You Like

Depending on how you take your drink, choose to add crushed ice, tonic, soda, or a mild, simple syrup to taste. For a fruity twist, muddle or squeeze your favorite fresh fruits. If you prefer a crisp and clean flavor, simply add the zest of citrus.


Keep It Natural

Keep the natural flavors you love, and you can play by your rules when crafting a clean cocktail. Just remember to not overcompensate with juice or sugar.

Define Your Drink

The first ingredient that you add to your drink is the most important. Use only the most natural and fresh ingredients for crafting your cocktail.


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